A reliable and real-time system for fire alert. All sensors meet the fire industry standard in terms of durability and sensitivity. Via backend system, customers can check status of all sensors and alerts will be pushed to relevant personals in case of emergency. A maintenance schedule is also provided to make sure all sensors are in working state.

AI Camera

Artificial intelligence enabled camera can recognise various patterns like fire, smoke, break-in and flooding, etc. It can detect multiple situations and send out timely alerts.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Monitors temperature in the room and of specific locations / surfaces (with a temperature probe). Sends out alerts if temperature is beyond the threshold or humidity is out of safe range.

Smoke Detector

Detects smoke of any kind. Most widely used sensor with newly integrated long-lasting battery and wireless communication modules to enable IoT connection via LoRa/NB-IoT.

Combustible Gas Sensor

Detects concentration of combustible gas in the air environment, which is critical for anti-fire system. Asmote’s high accuracy gas sensor guarantees timely reaction to the rise in flammable and combustible gas.

Water Hydraulic Pressure Sensor

Detects water pressure in the fire station for daily maintenance. No manual inspection or exercise is needed to maintain the equipments at a working status.


With Asmote fire solution, no construction is needed to extend wires to each and every room in the building. Customers save significant cost for installation and maintenance with a smarter and reliable fire system.