For property, assets and possessions, Asmote IoT solution can provide fast, low cost and reliable protection. Infra-red sensors detects any movement of the target object; human sensors detect any person who tries to approach the target; AI camera provides 24-hour surveillance on the target and its surroundings.

Door Monitor

Detects open and closed status of doors and windows. Can be used to detect any opening and thus entrance action at gates, doors and windows in the room.

Infrared Sensor

Detects distance. If the monitored object is moved for a distance or taken away, the distance will change and alert will be triggered.

Human Detector

Detects human body existence within the range. Can be set to alarm state when no one is at home so that alarm will be triggered if any human presence is detected.

Video Monitor

Artificial intelligence camera can be used for human identification and pattern recognition. If unauthorised persons appear in the monitored range, alert will be triggered and the camera will capture face image of the person.

CO Detector

Detects carbon monoxide concentration in the air, for family safety and prevent any danger caused by accidental gas leakage.


Asmote Property Monitor and Protection System is a low-cost, easy-to-use IoT solutions designed for both family possessions and business assets. Along with the hardware, app software is also provided for customers to set up their own asset protection system.